Apple is going to releare its new cloud application for users. It is going to include Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade (gaming platform) and iCloud (Apple storage). In addition to these four, according to leaks Apple will also have Apple Fitness Plus applıcation and Apple One will be also used for this applications.

The monthly subscriptions of Apple One will be flexible depending on the application usage. According initial leaks the price wll range from $14.59 to $29.95 per month. And in addition this there will be 1-month free period that would be good news to people who are deciding to facilitate Apple One but have some questions.

The Price List of Apple One Packages

Apple One has has following pricing criteria:

    1.  The cheapest tier, called an Individual plan, will be $14.95 a month and packages together four services: Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and 50 gigabytes of storage in iCloud.
    2.  The next tier is a family plan at $19.95. That additional $5 unlocks the same four services but for up to six total people, and the family plan expands iCloud storage to 200 gigabytes.
    3.  The final tier is the $29.95 premier plan, which also offers those four services for six family members and adds Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus (in countries where they’re available), and deepens iCloud storage to 2 terabytes.

Apple One is a gambit to lure more people deeper into Apple’s interconnected network of devices and services, designed to work seamlessly together. It’s a major step as Apple closes in on its goal to eclipse $50 billion in services revenue before the year is out.

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But Apple One also crystallizes Apple’s ambition to become a services powerhouse, something that has already raised the hackles of rivals — and caught the attention of more than one competition regulator worldwide.


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