For the first time in Apple history, we are seeing three Apple watches that look like similar. In this comparison article, we will focus on the differences of these 3 Apple watches and try to guide you for your best choice.

1. Design and Display

First comparison will be done based on design and display. The sizes of Apple watch SE and Apple Watch 6 are not dısclosed yet by Apple but according to the expectations they will be thinner than Apple watch 3. But most probably you will not feel the difference. If you are comfortable with Apple Watch 3, you will not have problem with the other two.

  • Apple Watch 3 sizes: 38.6 x 33.3mm x 11.4mm

The Series 3 has Apple’s older display, so it’s smaller (38mm model: 563 sq mm; 42mm model: 740 sq mm) and has square corners. The SE and Series 6 have larger displays (40mm model: 759 sq mm; 44mm model: 977 sq mm) with rounded corners to match the display body.

Apple Watch Series 3 vs SE vs Series 6: Cut through the specs and get the most for your money

While the SE and Series 6 have identical display specs, only the Series 6 has an always-on option, which lets you see the time even when your wrist is lowered. Apple also says the always-on display is 2.5-times brighter than last year’s model, which will certainly help in bright light.

2. Colors and Materials

  • All these three watches are available with space gray and silver colors.
  • In addition to these colors,
    • Apple Watch SE has gold color option
    • Apple Watch 6 has blue and red color options.

When it comes to material, there are more differences. If you upgrade to one of the cellular models, you can get silver, graphite (DLC), or gold (PVD) stainless steel, or natural titanium or space black titanium. Additionally, the Series 6 and SE are available in Nike (silver and space gray aluminum) and the Series 6 offers a Hermes edition in silver and space black stainless steel.

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Around the back, you’re getting a composite cover with the Series 3 and an upgraded ceramic and sapphire crystal back on the SE and Series 6.

3. Performance and Processor Chips

The Apple watchs and corresponding processor chips are listed below:

  • Apple Watch S3: S3 chip
  • Apple Watch SE: S5 chip
  • Apple Watch 6: S6 chip

When we compare the performances of these three chips, of course the fastest one is S6 chip and it is 20% faster than S5 chip. On the other hand processing capability of S3 chip is half of the S6 chip. Of course one reason for this differences is the advances in technology and due to this the chip architectures are different. In S6 and S5 there ıs 64-bit architecture whereas S3 has 32-bit architecture.

The Series 6 watch also brings Apple’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip to the Apple Watch for the first time. First introduced in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, the chip allows for greater spatial awareness, which according to Apple allows the device to understand its precise location relative to other nearby U1‑equipped Apple devices.

4. Sensors and Features

Sensors and features are critical components of smart watches. Following sensors are common for Apple Watch S3, SE and S6.

  • NFC
  • Altimeter
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Microphone
  • GymKit
  • 50M water resistance
  • Emergency SOS

Additionally, SE and Series 6 have a generaton 2 heart sensor for greater accuracy as well as an always-in altimeter for all-day tracking. Furthermore, the microphone will track decibels in the Noise app and to detect the falls accelerometer is used.

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Another important difference between these three is the harddrive capacity. For Apple Watch 3 the capacity is 8GB whereas for Apple Watch SE and 6 have 32GB internal capacity.

5. Price

And the most important criteria is left to the last. When we make decision to buy something, what we are asking first is the price. Below you can find the comparison of the prices of Apple watches.

First of all the following prices are for the watches without cellular connection. These phones have GPS-only connectivity in addition to bluetooth.

  • Series 3: $199/$229
  • SE: $279/$309
  • Series 6: $399/$429

In the second group the comparison is done based on the watches with cellular connection ability. In this category we do not have Apple Watch 3 as none of the options include cellular connectivity.

  • SE: $329/$359
  • Series 6: $499/$529



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