Champion F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton won 90th race with Tuscan 2020 Grand Prix in Mugello in Italy. With this win, he is defending the leadership in the table. In the race there were crashes and standing restarts. The following video shows the craches that happened in the race.

Despite these Hamilton won the game and he can count himself lucky due to two occasions.

  • One, because Bottas could not replicate his runaway start at the first restart.
  • And two, because he feared the brakes on his Mercedes W11 were forced so hard that they started a smoke. But as it is often said, fortune favors the brave. Lewis Hamilton, is certainly among the bravest there is. In the following video, you can see Hamilton’s car smoke moment.

Hemilton explains these times in the interview with offical F1 website, “I got to the grid and there was a lot of smoke coming and I was definitely worried. I think I saw a flame at one stage, which is not good. Because that burns all the interior of what’s in the upright. Fortunately, the start got under way relatively quickly, and I didn’t have a problem from there on. But it was definitely on the limit.


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