Love Islan USA new season is continuing and everyday new sneak peeks are appearing.

As it is written in PEOPLE, Mackenzie is asking her ex boyfriend Conor to talk and they are starting to talk away from the eyes. Also it is obvious that Mackenzie and her new boyfriend Jalen seem to be unhappy and they are alone in the villa.

On the other hand there is another bad news to Mackenzie. Her ex boy friend Conor is checking her best friend Moria. Mackenzie questions this relationship and she has following dialogue with Conor.

Do you feel like you’re chatting to anybody in here?” she asks him. “Are you feeling anybody?

Yeah,” he says. “So, actually, Moira and I have had some good talks over the past couple of days.

I’ve noticed. My ex and my best friend,” Mackenzie says with a laugh.

Later in their conversation, she breaks down in tears.

I’m frustrated with like, being so misunderstood in here,” she says. “Do I even belong here? Everyone’s like, ‘Be yourself,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m being myself.’

She certainly isn’t in the best position, strategically speaking, with a boys-choice recoupling coming up fast. She dumped Connor for Jalen at the end of the Casa Amor twist, but since then, Jalen has distanced himself. And in the sneak peek, things between them take a turn for the worse.

I think what’s best for us moving forward is to just kind of end things and see what’s next,” Jalen says. “For what it’s worth, I definitely want to give each other the respect that we each deserve.

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Am I able to say how I feel? I’m going to be honest — I don’t know if you are who you present yourself to be,” she replies. “And I feel like in my case I don’t think that you were very straight up with me.

Connor, meanwhile, is making moves on Moira.

I have always wanted things to grow very naturally, starting from friends,” he says after pulling her aside in another scene. “The guys also asked me earlier if there was someone in the villa right now that I would want to go on a date with and see if there is something more — I said you.

Wait, Connor, I literally said you,” Moira says, grinning. “I’m 100 percent open to giving this an opportunity and it might just be really hot.


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