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Parla Municipility: The Wuhan of Spain


In second week of September, Spain faced a new milestone for Westerns European countries. As of Monday (07/09/2020), number of Covid-19 cases in Spain passed 500.000 milestone and it is the first Westernd European country that has this statistic. In addition to this, almost 30% of the cases are recorded in Madrid. 

The center of the disease in Madrid in Parla municipility. The number of accumulated cases per 100.000 inhabitants is 876.1 for Parla. As it is more clear in the given table, the number in Parla is very high compared to other regions in Western Europe.

Number of cases per 100.000 inhabitant
Parla 876.1
Spain 265.5
France 140.6
UK 41.7
Italy 31.9


Even though the statistics are disastrous for Parla, there are a lot of people on the Parla streets. Following statement is done by a 71 years old woman who was stepping out of the church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

“I’m scared and I very seldom come out but when I do, I stop by the church to pray,”

This also shows that the main reason why disease is spreading so easily. People are not afraid of having the disease. Therefore they are going out and do not care if they will have the disease or not.

Statistics from the Carlos III public health institute in Madrid show that 25% of new cases across Spain are being detected in people aged 15-29, while those aged 15-59 account for 71% of new cases. The most overrepresented groups are men and women aged 15-44 and women aged 89 and over. As Parla’s mayor, Ramón Jurado, points out, residents of the municipality are young, with an average age of just 34. The Mayor has also following statements related to the spread of the disease.

“During the first wave, there were hardly any cases here because they were only testing older people who went into hospital, We had one of the lowest rates in the Madrid region. But we’ve got a lot of cases now. The thing that counts in our favour is also something that counts against us: the number of young inhabitants. Young people move about more and they need to get to work – and, to do that, they need to use public transport.”



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