Tags Leeds vs Huddersfield

Tag: Leeds vs Huddersfield

Leeds Rhinos 13-12 Huddersfield Giants: Luke Gale scores the last goal again

This Friday, there was again a fantastic Super League match between Leeds Rhinos and Huddersfield Giants. Leeds Rhinos won the game with single point:...

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10 Most Expensive Consoles of all time!

With the confirmation that the PS5 Disc Edition and the Xbox Series X will cost $500, let's take a look at the most expensive home consoles of all time, prices adjusted to 2020.

You can have Xbox Series X papercraft before the Real Console

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S papercrafts are available through the Microsoft store

High Quality 3D human models are generated from 2D images!

Continuing humanity's race towards potential deepfake hell, researchers have developed a way of creating 3D models from 2D images using neural networks. The full title of the project is PIFuHD: Multi-Level Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization and here's some gibberish from the researchers: Recent advances in image-based 3D human shape estimation have…

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is coming soon!

We've heard rumors of a Mass Effect trilogy package coming to consoles for a while now, and it looks like it could be more than just a rumor. A Portuguese game retailer has listed the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered for all current-gen consoles, but Electronic Arts has not announced the games officially.